Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New time - New place

I'm back and as promised here my new post, but I am sorry this is a little late.



I don’t remember how or why but somehow I was back in my body . I could feel someone trying to use the for force on me. Even their force signature was alien to me.

‘Had I been found by the Sith or a dark Jedi? ‘ I quickly asked myself.

I tried to open my eyes but they appear to be stapled shut. I tried repeatedly to open my eyes, but each time I ended up failing. I tried and succeed in balling one of my hands in a fist but I couldn’t raise it to hit this person.

I could hear nothing outside the thundering of my heart.

I tried to speak and just like my eye had failed in doing so. It felt like my mouth was wired shut.

Confusion and frustrated, is what I blanketed the force around me with.

I had made up my mind that this person was either Jedi or a Sith, but which one I wasn’t sure.
I relaxed as I started to force send question to this person ‘Where am I? Who are you?'

Would they answer me or could they answer me. Was I prisoner or was I in healing ward somewhere close to the Jedi temple?

Light blinded me as my eyes opened, then quickly closed again to keep the light from hurting my eyes.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Polls are closed!

Well after 14-6 vote, I guess this writer should get back to work. Sorry for taking so long to post this but I had to make sure that everyone who wanted to vote had the chance to.

Next post will be next week by Friday, but there will be a few changes. So I only have one question for you, are you ready?