Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Out of body experence part 1


My eyes open on their own as I hear “Child your not suppose to be here.” a gentle voice said slowly.

“Where’s here?” I ask quickly as I raise from a laying position to a sitting position

“Look around you, young one.” The voice said as I quickly looked around to see white as far as I could see and the figure of a female figure several feet away.

“I don’t understand,” I lightly said.

“Don’t you know what happened down there?” the voice asked

“No!” I cried then quickly asked “Am I dead?”

“No, you are in limbo” the voice said.

“Limbo!?” I asked as it register that I could in fact be dead.

“Yes, but worry not young one. Your not dead yet.” The voice flatly stated, then added. “You can still go back if you wish.”

“And if I do not?” I asked wondering what would happen to my body.

“Then you truly are dead, and I highly doubt that you will want that.” the voice said then without missing a beat added “Not that you’d have much to go back to.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You see right now your body is in comatose state until you decide what your going to do.” The voice flatly stated.

“And just how long will my body be in a coma?” I quickly asked.

“As long as you’re here and don’t move on.” the voice answered.

“Move on?” I asked.

“Yes,” The voice flatly stated then when on to say “As long as you stay here and not go back or move forward your body will remind in the coma.”

“But how did I end up here?” I asked.

“Your body shut it self down after being drained from using far more force powers then it is use to ” The voice answered then added “Your powers have since tripled since you left the temple, but that should not concern you for the moment. You need to choose but choose wisely about what your going to do. You best think long and hard, stay here think about going back or moving on.”

“And if I don’t leave here and go back, then what happens to my body?” I asked.

“You already know the answer to that young one.” the voice answered back and went on to say “However I can not help you choose your path only answer your questions. And I must say you haven’t been behaving like a Mirialan lady or Jedi Padawan. But given the state of things as they are, I’ll let your small mistakes go for now.”

My mind raced as I wondered how this being could know such things about me.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Medical Transport


I woke in a transport of some sort .

I felt it take off but I didn’t see anyone close by to call for help.

I as tried to raise to sitting position, but felt my body struggle again it. I raised my head and looked down at straps that across my chest and legs.

I felt my eyelids turning into lead doors as they quickly closed tightly.


“How she doing?” Asked one of the attending as she walked up to the med bed.

“Far as I can tell, no external injuries but she could internal injuries or worse.” The other attending flatly stated as she also went to the med bed and started with gently open one of young woman’s eyes and shinned a light into her eye. “No reaction to light.”

“Ma’am if you can hear me, squeeze my hand.“ the first attendant said as she waited for the young woman to try and respond to her request. After about 10 tense minutes of waiting “Nothing.” the attendant cried as she wrote it down in the medical file.

“ She could be in a comma.” the second attendant said aloud as she continued on with checking the woman vitals.

“Brian damage?” the first attending asked worried looked down at the young woman.

“We won’t know that until we get her to the hospital.” The second attendant stated as she continued to watch the young woman vital fail “Just how much longer till we’re at the hospital?”

“Our ETA is 10 minutes,” The driver stated.

Grapping for a neck brace, the second attendant called out to the driver “Careful with that driving, we don’t need more trouble back here.” as she fitted the brace around the young woman’s neck. As she turned to the first attendant and asked “Why wasn’t this done when first?”

‘I…I….I wasn’t sure it was needed.” the first attendant flatly stated

“We always use one, even if it looks like one is not needed.” The second attendant stated as she went on “If this young woman has brain damage, we could be liable because we didn’t use one, understand. And since we didn’t put one on her till now, I’m going to have to report it. It may end up costing us both our jobs.”

The first attendant sadly hung her head in defeat, then asked “How much longer to the medical center?”

“We’re just pulling up.” The driver called back to the attendants then added. “A medical team is waiting for her in room 1 with another team on stand by if she needs surgery..”

The attendants prepared the floating medical lift to carry the young woman into the hospital.

“What’s her status?” Called out of the doctors as she rushed out the medical centers doors.

“No external injuries but she hasn’t awoken since we got her on the transport. I tried to get a reaction to light, sound and touch so for she hasn‘t responded. All other vitals are weak but they are also strong at times. Plus we didn‘t get the brace on her till her had her in the medical transport.”

The doctor nodded as she looked down and said “Miss, if you can hear me. My name is Doctor Delary, I’m with the Southern Woman’s Hospital. Your going to be ok. “ She said as she ran with the floating medical lift.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hours later


After checking and rechecking his vitals.

“He’s dead!” I cried out.

‘Your troubles have only just started.’ the voice in my head said as I hung my head as shook set in.

I sat in the side street and held him close as I cried for several hours before looking up as a group of elderly ladies walked by the side street.

“Please,” I begged them “Help me!”

I sat there and watched as each of elder Mirialan ladies all shook their heads no and walked away.

I drew him closer to me as I waited for someone to help me.

I sat there crying for several hours before a local security patrol found me.

“Miss!?” I heard one say “Are you two alright?”

“I’m not sure.” I cried as I held his body closer to mine.

I watched as security officer kneeled down and looked at me then at him. “Oh dear.” as he looked back at me. “Madam, your husband is dead!” he flatly stated.

‘Husband!?’ I stated back as I pass out from shook of the whole ordeal.


The security officer then looked at his team and quickly handed out order.

“Dennoll, get this sector secure. Releon, contact the nearest medical ward. And tell them we’ve got two coming in. One dead, and the other we’re not sure of her injuries at this time.”

“Yes sir!” Both men said as the ran about to their assigned duties.

The security officer looked at Barriss and said “I just hope we got here in time to save you.” as he stood there waiting for Releon to help move both bodies to medical center.

When Releon came back with transports on stand by. Then two of them start by moving the young female off the young male. “They are dying younger and younger sir.” stated Releon as he helped his captain in loading the young female into one of two waiting transports.

“That they are.” The officer that was first on the scene replied as he went back to help with the young male’s body.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

First day alone


I nodded an agreement before turning towards the mess that Koko drink had made in the room.

I didn’t hear Erifia leave but she must have because as soon as I turned to ask her something she wasn’t in the room anymore.

‘That’s odd, she didn’t even say goodbye.’ I told myself as I sat down on the bed.

‘She left because even she knows that you are not worthy of the title of Jedi knight.’ I heard the voice in my head say.

“No! She‘ll be back soon. She just went off to get something from her ship” I said out loud to quiet the voice and to give myself a break from its ranting as well.

I slowly cleaned up the mess , then I sat back and watch the hours pass by as I waited for Erifia to return.

‘See all this waiting and she still hasn’t come back. I told you she couldn’t stand to be in the same room with you.’ The voice stated as I balled my hands into fists.

“I don’t believe you.” I angrily stated back.

‘Oh but you do! You wouldn’t get angry if you didn’t.’ The voice stated as I started crying.

Without thinking I grabbed my cloak, ran from the room out and into the streets for Lemorn.

I brushed past several young Mirialan women before realizing that my cloak had slipped off my head and my skull cape could be seen by all. I slowed down as I grabbed my hood I forcedly placed it back on my head and breathed a sigh of relief as I walked on.

As I walked around I felt someone come up behind me. As I went to reach for my lightsaber I felt the blaster being pressed into my back as I heard a male voice say “You’re coming with me.” As I realized that my lightsaber wasn’t with me.

‘Foolish child!’ The voice in my head said as I bowed my head as the man lead me away from main streets to a side street.

His hands grabbed me roughly and turned me towards him. “What a pretty thing like you, doing out and about without an escort?” He asked as he ran right hand down my left arm.

I shook as I shook my head no. I tried to speak but nothing was coming out.

He shook me hard as he said “Don’t lie to me! I’ve been following you since you left your hotel room.”

I shook my head as I tried to push him away ‘You will not get away from him, he will kill you.’ the voice stated as I tried once again to push him away with the force.

When even that didn’t work, I hung my head in defeat as I tried to gather the force in attempt to protect myself.

‘That’s right just give up. You know it is useless to fight him.’ The voice in my head.

I screamed as lightning shot from my hands and landed directly on his chest.

His screams echoed in the side street, as I stood there watching him lying on the ground dying. As his screams died down, I stopped and fell to the ground beside him.

“What have I done?” I cried as I tried to turn him over to see if he was still alive.