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Finding Kriss part 3 Kashyyyk

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I straped myself into the crash-webing that was attached to the seat and waited for the ship to land.

As we landed on Kashyyyk it was late in the night. As we regrouped with the others only thing that we could agree on was finding a place to sleep. Which took a little searching but we did find one place called the Wicked Wookie Inn.

Shortly after being shown our rooms that I hear some sneezing and very loudly after thirdy minutes, I might add.

Lucky for me I wasn't bunking with any of my fellow Jedis for the night. Althought it appeared that Erifia wanted to talk to me about something but she wouldn't just come out and say it.

As morning came and we regrouped and headed for the The Shaven Wookie Salon. As we stepped inside Anakin sneezed so loudly, I stated wondering if it was him that I had heard the night before.

The Wookie behind the counter turned toward us and started speaking quickly, pointing at Anakin, and making what looked like scissors.

I surprised him when I spoke back to him in his own language.

"Tell him if he comes at me with scissors he'll lose more than his hand," I heard Anakin tell me as the wookie continued to tell me what information he knew.

Then I heard Jinx say. "It's not always about you. He could have been pointing to me, you know."

I walked over to Anakin and slowly said to the group "He says he has no idea what we want. He knows nothing."

"Did you mention the porcupine guy?" asked Anakin.

I turned back and asked the question to the Wookie. And as luck would have it, he remembered someone coming in looking sort of like that and how he left a little animal behind that was stinking the place up..

"He said this... uh, thing came by a while ago. He left something when he left. A baby P'weck." I repeated what the Wookie had told me.

"A What?" Anakin asked looking a little lost.

Erifia spoke up "P'wecks are a green furred species with red feathers coming out of their heads. They come from the planet Telti, an ice planet."

"The Wookie says it's driving everyone crazy. It gets into everything," I added wondering what we were going to do with it.

"Let's see it," Anakin told me.

The Wookie happily handed the animal over to me, it was cute animal very small almost a baby would be my guess. As I walk back to the group with the animal cuddled in my arms the Wookie followed me and started to fluff Anakins' hair.

I walked over with it in my arms, the Wookie following. He stands next to Anakin and starts trying to fluff his hair. Anakin looked a littled annoyed by this but didn't say anything as we all stared down at the P'weck in my arms.

I don't think any of us were ready for what happened next the P'weck looked up at Anakin and said "Momma?"

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was surprised by this and as I looked at the faces of the other I knew that it didn't just take me by surprise but all of us.

"I'm going to ignore that," Anakin muttered. "I guess we're off to Telti. I hope you guys packed your ski gear."

"Momma?" Wings start flapping as it tryed to struggling out of my arms and into Anakins' arms!

As we disbanded and went to our ships I heard Jinx say "Awe, isn't that cute! It's wants it's mommy!"

Anakin stated "I heard that!" as a dirty look crossed his face.

Finding Kriss part 2 (I miss my friend!)

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I looked at Erifia and wondered how she would be able to hold her tongue as I talked to this person but somehow I hope that she'd be able to manage.

I quickly walked up to this person "Excuse me!" I quickly started to state as this person turned towards me. It seen to me that everything started to slow down for no reason, then I called to Erifia 'Somethings not right here!' as I gathered my wits, and the force around me like a blanket.

Whoever was asking Becca questions, turn towards the sound of my voice but when she saw us comming towards her. She turned and started running away quickly. I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines watching this person fleeing from us without reason.

I could feel someone hand on my elbow "Don't you dare pass out on me now!" Erifia stated as her eyes sweeped the area. I wasn't sure what she was looking for, maybe it's it was the way she was trained I told myself as I slowly started to turn toward her ship and got my first good look at Becca.

She looks scared I told myself as I slowly scanned the ship with my eyes looking for any notice able changes to the outside of the ship. Nothing out of place there, I noted to myself as Erifia helped Becca to her feet.

"We should get going to Kashyyyk. Force knows what's in store for us there." Erifia quickly stated this as a reminder to me that we should get out of here as so as possible.

We entered the ship but before we got much futher up the loading ramp, I turned to Erifia and said "If you have medical area on this ship. If it's ok with you, I'd like to use to."

*hours later*

I ran several blood test as I could and sat back and waited for the results.

"I don't know, she's been in there all this time and hasn't said two words." loudly cryed Becca.

"She'll come back out when she has her answers, she usually does." frankly stated Erifia.

*half hour later*

Tears fill my eyes as I read the results.

"Barriss!" I hear Erifia calling me from the nearest speaker box.

I pressed a side button "Yes, Erifia. What is it?" I asked wondering what could be wrong.

"We'll be landing on Kashyyyk in a few minutes." she states and then silence fills the room.

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Finding Kriss The Back Story Part 1

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"Where does this clue lead us?" I asked and started think over where this new information would lead us to.

"Not a lot to go on," Erifia tossed in as her eyes scanned the area.

I looked over at Erifia wondering if she had noticed something and wasn't telling us. Or just being Erifia looking out for the group even when we're in a safe location.

Anakin smiled and stated. "Think about it. Where would a Wookie get a haircut? The Shaven Wookie Salon on Kashyyyk!"

How he ever figured that out, I'll never know.

Looking at Erifia told me that she was even impressed by Anakin's knowledge.

As we disband and went to our ships, I wondered why Erifia was being silent. When we got closer to her ship, we both noticed that we weren't alone anymore.

"Where are Jedis Erifia Apoc, and Barriss Offee" asked very upset voice.

"I don't know...they left and I stayed with the ship." answered Becca.

Erifia grapped for her lightsabers and I ran to get between her and whoever was talking to Becca.

'I know that voice,' I told her through the force. 'It won't be wise to rush up to her with our lightsabers activated. Unless you really want to be in front of the council explaining why, for I do not want that and neither should you. Just let me do the talking and follow my lead.' I begged her through the force.

Sadly I could see Erifia refusing my advise but she took it almost as if she knew that there was more there then just what we could see or feel through the force. 'I won't... But be prepared, I'm ready for a fight,' she told me, using the same mind tap I was using.

I was shooked by her words and by the weight they carried with them.

As we approached the ship in silence, we could see a lone figure standing over Becca.

I could feel the anger and hate roll of Erifia 'I don't like the way this looks...not at all!'

'Who is this woman and why is she yelling at Becca?' as she angryly yelled at me through the force.

I both stopped a few yards from the ship and stopped Erifia with a wave of my arm. Before I allowed myself to go to the ship, I went deeply into the force to see if Becca was hurt and maybe get an idea of who this person is and how she knows of us. As my mind linked with Becca, I found her to be frighten by this person but not hurt. As for the other woman, I realized right away that she was another Jedi, but I couldn't place a name with the force signuature that I felt.

'Calm yourself Erifia, Becca's not hurt just upset. I've seen and heard this woman back at the temple, many of times and so have you.' I calmly called back hoping she'd cool off a little before we got any closer to them.

A look of wonder crossed Erifia's face as she quietly asked "You mean to tell me she's another Jedi Knight?"

"Yes, can't you feel her force signuature?" I quietly asked back.

"Yes, but I thought she was a dark Jedi, or worse a Sith Lord." A look of hate crossed Erifia face as she said that.