Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Part 3- Waiting

While I waited for Master Luminara Unduli to come back to the room. I used to the force to bring the medical chart that was hanging by the door to my hand. (May not be the best thing to do, but I was bored, and needed some answers!)

I found one thing of interest while reading my medical chart, it was the fact that my master is listed as my mother! I thought at first that I had miss read the information so I went back and read it again. (And it did list her as my mother.) Althought my father wasn't listed on the chart but this information on my mother alone was enough to cause me to try to hold back the screams that had lodge themselves in my head.

"This can't be true, it just can't." I said trying to calm myself down before my master came back into the room. How could it be true?

Have I been told a lie about how I came to be a part of the Jedi Temple? Maybe I should talk to someone, but who?

I decided that I couldn't take any more information so I put the information back inside the file and used the force to hang the cart by the door again.

Then I sat back and thought that this might be one of many things that is bothering my master and if so why?

Is it the fact that that chart states that she's my mother or that someone mistyped the information that was given to them at the time. Maybe I should talk to my master, and find out the the truth, before this becomes something bigger then it already is!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Part 2- Questions

You know in a heart beat that something is wrong, well when my master hugged me I knew. She didn't need to explain and she didn't even try to, for her part.

"Master, why is Tolk here?"

"Why are we on a ship? And where are we going to?"

"Lastly who taking care of the patients at the temple while I am away?"

I ask each of these questions, for I feared that the real answer was something I didn't want to know.

"I wanted to wait until you were a little stronger before I told you." Master Luminara lightly said, as if she didn't want to upset me. "But you are correct, we are on a ship." she stopped and looked very troubled "Stay here, Barriss. I'll be back soon."

I watched as she left my room quietly and very much troubled by something other then my situation.



Here's a question from Jabafatboy... who's the master by the way ?
Jedi Master Luminara Unduli.

I know that I been just using the word master instead of typing her full name.. Let me know as a reader, do you think I should stop with just master or should I type out her full name?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Awake at last, but where am I?

*stirs* An alarm goes off!

"I think she's waking up."

I know that voice.... it's Tolk head-nurse from for Medstar, but why is she here at the temple. (Something must be really wrong for her to be here.)

"Hopefully that is the case!" My Master Luminara quitely said while she sat and watched over me.

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I slowly open my eyes. "Master," I weakly asked "What's going on?"

With chart in hand "It appears that you passed out due to the heat." Tolk stated after reading the chart. And then looking over the chart Tolk when on to say "Your lucky that someone found you in time."

"Oh?" I weakly said.

"Yes, you are very lucky! And if it hadn't been for that clone trooper, we wouldn't be talking today." Tolk winked as she said that.

"I'll leave you two to talk for a short while." Tolk said as she turned to leave the room.

"Ok!" I weakly said as she was just leaving the room.

"Oh Barriss, you don't know how happy I am right now to see you awake and talking." My master said just as she huged me.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I been so busy helping the victoms of Master Yoda's heat wave and that went I went to take a short nap. But now it appears that I can't wake up. (Something is very wrong, and now I need some help!)

I don't remember where I was when I fell asleep but could someone please send help!! I think I'm in .. ..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Master Yoda and the thermostat

read this first

Master Yoda must really have it out for some of us padawans.

He has started setting the thermostat to 91 degrees. He claims it's for Tatoone training, but I hope not.

This week alone I have seen over 50% of the padawans pass out from heat stroke.

I need to go lay down this heat is getting to me too! I just hoping this ends soon!

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Quiz and old colleagues

One of the padawans gave me this quiz called 'What's your pirate name?'.

Image hosting by Photobucket

copy of the quiz

As you can see I did take the quiz, but I'm a little surprised by the answer.

It was some time after taking this quiz, I realized how much I miss working on Medstar! (I wonder how Jos Vandar, Kornell "Uli" Divini, Tolk, I-Five, Den Dhur and the rest of the Medstar colleagues have been?)

Working along side them, you'd think I get a holo or a visit from at least one of them. But then again, as busy as everyone is on Medstar, it could be weeks before I hear anything.

To the readers- Sorry to say this but I'll be gone till next Friday. (I'm going to visit family but I be back to tell you all about it.)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day after

Well, I finally got the monkey out of my room.

This picture is what my room looked like before.

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(what a mess that monkey left for me!)

Well, it took me 10 hours of cleaning but this is how my room looks now.

Image hosting by Photobucket

(And it should have looked like this when I opened the door!)

Now, will the owner please come and get this monkey that I had to cage and put in the speeder parking lot!

(The parking meter is about to expire!)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There's a

Image hosting by Photobucket

MONKEY in my room. Now I want to know, who put that in my bedroom?

I'm not a vet, and I'm not trained to help wild animals.

Is this the trail that the council gives to me to see how much I have learned in healing! Huh, is it? If so, it's not fair!