Friday, March 31, 2006

Part 7 - Hours Later!

Continued from here.

Don't know how long I slept but when I woke up Master Luminara was there waiting to talk to me.

"Barriss?" My Master said as she held my hand.

"Hmm" as I tried to find my voice "Yes Master!" I slowly said as I opened my eyes.

"Lunch will be here soon and so will Healer Dimon. She wants to talk to you before you leave today." Master Luminara said as I sat up in bed.

"Leave, Master?" I asked with a little worry in my voice.

"Yes, your healed enough to go back to your own room here at the temple. And in a few days time maybe go back to classes!" My master started as she looked me over. It was almost as if this would be the last time that we would be together.

"Master is something wrong?" I asked.

"No, Barriss nothing is wrong. It's just that you have a meeting with the Jedi council tomorrow." Master Luminara said with a look of sadness in her eyes.

"Am I going to be punished for healing Harvey?" I slowly asked.

My Master looked at me and smiled "No, I don't think that's why they want to see you for."

"Oh!?" was all I could say when one of the healers walked into the ward with a single tray of food. She walked straight up to my bed as she set the tray down on a side table, and asked " Well, how are you feeling today Barriss?" and then went and stood behind my master as I answered her question.

"A little tired but I feel fine!" I said as I sat up and talk to the healer.

"Master Luminara, could you please wait in the waiting room while Barriss and I talk over a few things." the healer asked with a smile on her face.

"Of course!" My master said as she took my hand and lightly squeezed it before leaving.

"Barriss, I'm Healer Dimon! I'm here to ask you a few question about what happened last night." Healer Dimon said calmly and with a small knowing smile on her face.

I nodded and gently said "Did I do something wrong last night?"

"No, you did not do anything wrong." said the healer "I'd just like for you to tell me what happened last night so that when I make my report to the council I will have all the information that I need."

"Of course!" I said and started to explain the event from last night to her. "Well, it all started when Harvey was laying in his own bed crying because he was in pain. This was right after NandeHI had left to go look for a healer to help Harvey. I told him I would sit with him until a healer would come, but I used the force and found out that he had three broken bones." I shook my head and continued talking. "I also used a calming effect that was taught in class to calm him, and it also but him to sleep. After which I just let the force take over from there until the curtain was pulled back."

The healer just sat there with a smile on her face. "Healer Dimon, did I do something to Harvey?"

Healer Dimon smiled and said " No, Barriss! You did something that most padawans can not do without years of training. And it just was a suprise to healers that where there last night that you had gotten up and helped Harvey without the use of Bantha patch to ease his pain as well."

"Here!" She said with a smile as she wheeled the tray of food closer to the bed. "I didn't bring this all the way in here and not have you eat while I was here."

"Thank you" I lightly said.

"Well for now Barriss I must be going and work on this report for the council. I also have to visit with your Master for a few minutes." Her smile would light up her face and she spoke. "After which you should be prepared to leave soon after. I hope that we'll be able to talk again really soon."

I smiled at her and watched as she left the healing unit. How odd for this healer to think that I'll be back to talk to her. I thought to myself as I ate the meal that she left for me to eat.

About a half of an hour passed before another healer walked into the unit.

"Ah, good. I see that you are done with your meal." The healer said as she moved the tray to a side table.

"May I ask, why are you here?" I asked.

"I'm here to help you get ready to leave healing ward today." The healer said with a look of excitement in her eyes. "But before we do anything else, I want to talk to you about why you where here in the healing ward in the first place."

I nodded and she continued on talking "Well, I know that you've been told that you originally passed out due to the heat stroke that was caused by high setting of the heat in the temple." She smiled and continued, "And to why you passed out this last time. Well, a research team has found a tampered bottle that was placed in the refresher. That bottle came from a resort on the plant of Anison. To say the least, it looks like someone is out to kill all of the Jedi." I almost didn't hear the last part, due to the fact that the healer said it so quietly.

"Did you just say that someone is out to kill all of the Jedi?" I quickly asked.

"Yes, I did." she lightly said as if she didn't want to upset me.

"You won't know anything about how that bottle got there?" She asked as she looked directly into my eyes and waited for me to answer.

"No, I do not." I lightly said and kept eye contact as I spoke to her.

"I didn't think you did but still I had to ask for the record." She stated flatly.

"I understand" I fired back. I was getting upset just sitting on the bed not doing anything that would get me out of healing ward any faster.

"Well, then lets get started by getting you into a refresher and dressed to leave." The healer said with a smile.

"Ok." I said and thought if this is how the rest of my day goes it's not going to be any fun.

"Come now, we haven't got all day." The healer stated as if she was joking.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Part 6 - Harvey (Let's try this again!)

This story is a cross over.. to read more or to catch up with the story go here .. Master Luminara's Blog

I could hear the privacy curtain being pulled close as I tried to open my eyes. I could barely get my eyes open in time to see who had been in to check on me.

I vaguely remember that Master Luminara was holding my hand for some time. Maybe it was her leaving!? Or maybe it was just one of the healers checking my vitals? My thoughts just barely pierced my sleep driven mind awake.

Suddenly my eye lids felt like they were heavy steel doors, closing very slowly as sleep quickly but ever so quietly took over my body.

(Hours pass)

I woke up to the sound of someone crying in the bed next to me.

"Calm down, Harvey! You'll wake the other patents with all this crying!" gentley said a female voice that I finaly recognizied the voice to belong to NandeHI, the temple's nanny.

"It hurts!" wailed Harvey as tears streaked down his face, "It really, really hurts!"

"Hmph! warned you not pet wookie inside, I did!" Recognised the voice to belonging to Master Yoda, as he firmly scolded Harvey.

I could hear the worry in NandeHI voice as she asked Master Yoda " Shouldn't the healer be here by now?"

"Be here, a healer should."frankly stated Master Yoda "Go see where the healer is, I will."

I could hear his cane hitting the floor as he left the unit, as Harvey started moaning in pain.

(several Minutes pass)

NandeHI started pacing around the room and started talking to anyone who would listen "Where is he? I thought he was coming right back!"

I could hear Harvey moaning as NandeHI lightly said "Now, now Harvey I go see where the healer is, but you just stay right here and don't move until I come back."

(Minutes ticked away like hours)

Harvey continued to moan even louder as the time slowly passed by. I can't sleep with all this noise that he's making!

"It's alright Harvey." I barely said over a whisper. "Your not the only one in pain."

Harvey continued to cry out in pain as I was talking to him.

"But my arm really hurts!" his voice cracking with sobs as he tried to calm himself down for my sake.

I used the force to check for other injures as I sat up in bed. Since no one else is going to care for this boy, then I will.

I about ready to swing my feet to the floor when Harvey started crying louder and louder in pain.

"Harvey!" I moaned and lightly said "It's alright, I come over and stay with you until the healer comes."

I went to swing my feet to the floor as Harvey cryed out. "Please just make the pain stop!"

"I'll do what I can but you have to calm down, Harvey." I said calmly and tryed to keep Harvey calm and happy as I could.

I pulled the privacy curtain that seperated the two of us, and got my first look of Harvey laying in bed holding his left arm close to his body and his face was red from crying.

"Are you one of the healers?" Harvey looked at me with a questioning look in his eyes.

"No, but I'm training to be one." I stated calmly.

I looked around quickly and saw that the stool for visiters was over on the other side of Harvey's bed. Using the force, I moved the stool around the bed and sat down on it.

Using the force, I gently took the pain Harvey was in away so that I could hold his arm and find out why it was hurting him so. Using a calming effect that I had been taught in class, I calmed Harvey down so that he could sleep while I sat watch over him. And it wasn't long before Harvey was asleep and I could touch his arm and find out why he was in so much pain.

I gently touched Harvey arm and the force showed me that he had broken his arm but not in one place but three different places. Poor kid!

Very gently and carefully I reset each of the breaks with the force. It was a very slow process and took me several hours to complete. But when I was done, I reliazed that Harvey and I weren't alone.

In fact, the curtain had been pulled back and standing there was Master Yoda, NandeHI, and one of the healers. I didn't see these three at first, in fact I was looking over their shoulders and directly into the face of my master. She didn't look to happy to see me out of bed, much less happy that I was helping another with their medical needs. I know, I should have just stayed in bed! But that's not what my medical training taught me to do!

My mind raced as I relaized that there was more then just Master Luminara standing in the room.

When I looked in to the faces of the other 3 that where standing there.. I saw and felt with the force their disbelieve and disaprovable in what I was doing out of bed!

One of the healers come up along side me and looked down at Harvey's arm. A smile appeared as he said with suprise " That's the first time anyone ever has done that without the use of batha pack to ease pain."

Master Yoda turned and said to my master "Talk now we must, Master Luminara." With a nod from my Master I sat and watch as the two of them left the healing ward together.

I started to stand and go back to my own bed when NandeHI looked at me and asked " Now where do you think your going?"

"Back to bed! I'm not needed here anymore, and I should get some rest tonight."I stated and nodded to the healer to take over as I slowly walked back to my bed, closing the curtain behind me and got back into my bed.

Part 6 Harvey part 1

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Part 5 ??

Sleep!! She wants me to rest while she goes off and faces who knows what on Kashyyyh!

I sat up and tossed the blankets off of me as I prepared to get out of the bed. Oh, my!

I swayed as I tried to stand. How long have I been out? And when was the last time that I ate anything?

Using the force to steady myself as I made my way to the refresher.

And wouldn't you know it at the same time I get to the refresher I hear the outer door open and in walked Tolk calling out in a worried voice "Barriss, what do you think you are doing!?"

"Getting up, and out of this room!" I said, determinted I was not going to let anyone stop me from leaving and finding Master Luminara Unduli.

"I can't let you do that, Barriss!" Tolk said in a worried voice.

"Can't or won't?" I asked back. In the back of my mind I could hear Master Yoda saying, "Do or do not, there is no try."

Tolk turned red and slowly yet gently said "Both, I can't let you go outside of this room without someone there to help you. And I won't let you go with Master Luminara!"

"Well, then you better go find someone then, because I'm not staying in this room one minute longer then need be." I lightly stated as I continued to the refresher.

I programned the refresher and waited for the water to start running. Then I stepped in to the refresher and as the water hits my body, my eyes start to cloud up and I feel myself lightly fall to the floor.

(Weeks Later)

I awoke in one of bacta tanks.... where am I? what's happening to me? How did I get here?

I could barely hear the sound of my own tanks alarms going off.

I start to panic when I couldn't use the force to get myself out of the tank. What's wrong with me?

I must have passed out for a few minutes, becasue the next thing I know I'm laying on a medical bed near one of the tank and looking down at me is one of the jedi healers.

My whole body was riddled with pain.

"You had us worried the for some time, Padawan Barrriss" lightly said jedi healer. "It's been touch and go for a few weeks." he looked right into my eyes and said "We almost lost you twice durring that time."

I was in so much pain that it even hurt to talk. I tryied to speak but the healer just looked down at me and said, "No, don't try to speak Padawan Barrriss, just try to rest for now."

I could feel my eyelids getting heaver and heaver as he was speaking to me.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Part 4 - The Truth (sort of!)

While I was thinking over what I had read in my own medical chart, I gently and slowly brought my knees to my chest, and wrapped my arms around my legs, so it would appeared to anyone who was looking in as thought I was curling myself up into a ball.

Then, I placed my chin on my knees, as I started working myself into a meditative state. My eyes, for the most part, I allowed to become unfocused as I started to slow my breathing down. Slowly in and slowly out.

Mostly I stayed curled up and was meditaiting for several hours.

I didn't hear the door the open, or that my Master Luminara Unduli was standing at side of my bed looking at directly at me with questioning look on her face.

"Barriss, are you alright?" My master softly asked.

"Go away" I screaming throu the force.

"Barriss, I will not go away!" My master sternly said.

As if by the will of the force or an old memory that never truely was washed away by time, I saw myself as a very small child (maybe a year or a little older) being held by a much younger Master Luminara Unduli only I was calling her ma ma.

Tears fell gently from my eyes as I softly said "Mother!"

Then I slowly turned my face towards my master, I noticed that shook and horror written all over on her face.

"Barriss!" My master said with great disbelieve. "What did you just call me?"

I realised my mistake at once "I'm sorry Master." I said with much distress. (But was I mistaken?)

Had I just seen the past, and now know do I know the truth? Was my master reaction enough to tell me the truth? Is she really my mother? I asked myself over and over as we just sat there staring at each other.

Tears filled my eyes until I couldn't see.

"Barriss, what is it? What's wrong?" My master softly yet worried asked. My master must have noticed that I was on that nearly to the point of tears.

"Master, are you my mother?" I said as my voice cracked with sobs.

At first I thought my master was going to refuse telling me, but then I noticed a small beacon of hope shining in her eyes like stars the first appear at night. As a single tear roled down my master face, she gently and lightly said "Yes Barriss, I am your mother." And then she gently hugged me.

I couldn't stop the tears of joy and sorrow from flowing down my face.

Just as I started to say something to my master, the door to my room opened and in walked a uniformed officer of the Republic marched in and annunced that "Ma'am, we're entering Kashyyk system."

"Thank you Private." My master said in an offical tone. Then without saying another word the private turned on his heels and left my room.

"Master, why are we stopping at Kashyyk system?" I gently asked. At that exact moment looking into my master eyes was like looking into two blue pools of water without a bottom.

"Master!?" I worried asked. Then I felt a disturbance in the force, it was almost like someone had taken a cold metal sword and driven it through my body like waves crashing on the shore. Bringing with it the feelings of regret, fear, dread, anger, anxiety, and sadness.

"Barriss, we're going to Kashyyk system because of a holo-beacon from Commando Rage that that we recieved a few hours ago." My master stated with a light sigh. I nodded as I reflectived on the disturbance in the force and then allowed the information pour like a waterfall from my master and waited for her to continue.

Then Master Luminara gentlely said" Barriss, from what I have been told Dr. Divini is taking care of your patients at the temple." Uli! My thoughts swayed away from what my master was saying to he'll never make it as one who has to work in an office. But then again maybe he could.

"I must go now and see to the landing party." my master said with sad look in her eyes. "While I'm gone, you may want to take the time to rest until I return."

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